last weekPowell, TN+63 milesItems Wanted
Looking for the blue pee pads to use in the bed for the elderly
days agoWilliamsburg, KY+14 milesItems Wanted
I am about to take delivery of my 2nd Evora S , its a 2014 with really minor damage but I want it perfect so I wonder if any one has a front Bumper complete, Passenger Airbag and Drivers Airbag or replacement steering wheel with no airbag? I know when I needed parts once before some one here contacted me and gave some really good advise, I cant find the corraspondance we had so I hope he reads ...
days agoKnoxville, TN+68 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a 1940-'47 1/2 ton truck 3speed transmission and bellhouse to install in my '46 coupe. either local or shipped.thanks
days agoMorristown, TN+75 milesItems Wanted
Woman who had a small stroke is needing an air conditioning er. Working well please.
days agoFarragut, TN+73 milesItems Wanted
I am building a tiny home on wheels. I only have one power tool it's a saw all. I need like 2x2 and plywood. Thank you
days agoBardstown, KY+111 milesItems Wanted
Making rain sticks for summer camp. Looking for the THICK TUBES that are usually found in foil and wax paper.
days agoRogersville, TN+84 milesItems Wanted
Looking for the seat adjuster mechanism for the DRIVER seat, Tudor Sedan. It's completely different from coupe and not repro'd. Thanks, Bill
days agoSomerset, KY+36 milesItems Wanted
Older lady looking for an old fashion ladies bicycle with a big seat.
days agoLexington, KY+76 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for any sort of electronics that are old, still working (at least to some capacity) and no longer needed. Whether ancient PCs, laptops, PDAs, (graphing) calculators, RC toys, gaming consoles, whatever, whether running MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, or whatever, I'll consider it and give it a new home where it'll be used again. I'm not going to recycle it or even refurbish and resell, I'll put...
over a month agoRichmond, KY+56 milesItems Wanted
at Exit 90,but can meet here in Richmond.... also need wrapping paper and mirror boxes, etc...
over a month agoFarragut, TN+73 milesItems Wanted
Would love to receive tennis balls for use by dogs in animal shelter. Thanks!


over a month agoMadisonville, TN+99 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a toy yorkie for sale
over a month agoAlcoa, TN+80 milesItems Wanted
I am wanting 82-90 Pontiac trans am in running ,driving condition. V8 engine.interior can be little rough, body in primer okay, I'm wanting a little bit of project, but it must be mechanically sound..$$ me @
over a month agoMidway, KY+92 milesItems Wanted
I m working on a1926 Locomobile Jr8 90hp. I need a 90 hp. motor, a complete front axle with braking system in place, and very good radiator. Thank you.
over a month agoSevierville, TN+82 milesItems Wanted
My washer and dryer just went out, and I cant afford new ones. Hoping someone has some used
over a month agoCampbellsville, KY+90 milesItems Wanted
Any and all types of picture frames would be appreciated! Wood, plastic, etc, I'd love to take it off your hands. Does it contain an old picture of someone or something that doesn't suit your taste? Is it chipped, badly painted, or dinged up? Please, pass it on to me. I'm needing ALL sizes, ALL materials, all sorts of frames. Thank you in advance!
over a month agoSevierville, TN+82 milesItems Wanted
Before you throw it away I will be happy to pick up packing paper and bubble wrap.
over a month agoSevierville, TN+82 milesItems Wanted
Looking for misc useable salvage material including clean dirt, pt or untreated wood, and stone or concrete chunks suitable for building borders/flower beds. Other material could be considered. Thanks