Kids, womens and mens kids are for 9 year old to smaller girls mostly.womens are pants and other smaller sizes mostly, mens are large and extra large T-shirt and long sleeve sweatshirt and pants 30to 34got a truck load all for $400 or split everything categories like kids$150 mens $150 ,and womens $150
Three pair, size 13D, Tony Lama Cowboy Boots. One style 8601 elephant $75 One style 8807 Shark needs resold $30. Style 8266 Elephant Needs resold $30. $100 buys all three pair.
Different brands. All for 10.00 Khaki is new never worn skinny 4.00 for those. All the rest 3.00 each. To the left of those are paris blues. Above to the left is from hot topic. Next to those are old navy.